The collective agreement may also contain other clauses, taking into account the economic situation of the undertaking, in particular those which offer workers more favourable working and socio-economic conditions than those provided for by the standards and regulations provided for by legislation and regulations (additional leave, pension supplements, early retirement, allowance for transport and business travel expenses, free or reduced meals in the enterprise and for the children of workers at school and before working hours). B.B. School facilities and other types of benefits and remuneration). If employees do not have to work because of a public holiday, they are entitled to the same amount of remuneration that would normally be due, i.e. if working time had not been lost due to the leave (vacation pay). Employees who work on a statutory holiday receive remuneration for the hours worked in addition to the vacation pay mentioned above or agree with their employer on compensatory leave equal to the hours they worked during the holiday. This “substitute day of rest” includes at least one calendar day or 36 hours. Collective agreements often also contain provisions for such cases. At the end of the specified period, the collective agreement remains in effect until the parties enter into a new collective agreement or amend or supplement the applicable contract. Public holidays in Austria are non-working days and all employees are free to work while continuing to pay.

The collective agreements of the various sectors may set 24 and 31 December as public holidays. Other holidays include Good Friday for members of the Lutheran, Reformed, and Old Catholic Churches and The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) for employees of the Israelite religious community. Employment contracts contain additional information on individual employment contracts. Legal provisions against the general manager who is responsible for the violation or non-performance of the obligations arising from the collective agreement. The employer is obliged to give the trade union body or the representative body authorized by the workers the opportunity to inform each worker of the draft collective agreement drawn up by the parties and to provide these bodies with the internal means of communication and information in his possession, computers and other technical equipment, premises for meetings and consultations outside working hours and the necessary space for the tabling facility. display waters to provide.. .


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