If your landlord or a broker acting on behalf of the landlord enters the property without your permission, they could be guilty of harassment. Contact your local environmental health department if you are concerned about landlord harassment. If your rental is a flatshare, it may be more difficult to stay in the property if the other tenants want to move. Your landlord may be happy to let you stay if you find other tenants to take care of the rest of the property. If you want to leave, you can usually end your rental by moving and returning the keys until the end of the fixed term. Check your contract to see if you need to cancel your departure. Hello, I rented a room to a lady a week for about 2ms. I have never signed a contract that I mentioned for legal purposes, we need it but we never get it. I was away for 2 weeks but I was still working at the rental and while I was away she claimed that someone had knocked on her door where I saw no damage and all my valuables were stolen. She didn`t say a word about it until I got home and found everything. 60″ LG plasma TV, my laptop, about 2,000.00 in tools, and a few other items I have the series #s on the TV and some tools maybe even laptop.


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