Nevertheless, even democratic unionists may not be too unhappy with a deal until their own fingerprints are on it. Many traditional supporters of unionists in Northern Ireland`s business and agriculture community were less concerned about the uncertain long-term constitutional consequences of a deal that would perhaps bring Northern Ireland a little closer to the Republic of Ireland and the short-term consequences of a hard Brexit on the economy and political stability, which would likely have led to new customs posts along the border. They will probably accept the result and the politicians who support them may also be relieved in silence, even if they would never admit it publicly. After this defeat, the new Liberal leader Lord Rosebery adopted the policy of promising Salisbury that the majority of English MPs would have a veto over future Irish bills on home autonomy. The nationalist movement split in the 1890s. The Liberals lost the general election of 1895 and their Conservative opponents remained in power until 1905. Trade unionists will not like the current agreement (see below). It is also not clear that it will go through Parliament. What he is doing is allowing Johnson to say that he has made a deal and that he is most likely to fight for a general election with a Conservative Party united behind him. Although the deal is a far cry from the “no-deal Brexit” that Johnson has threatened and is making significant concessions to the EU and Ireland, Johnson has managed to retain the support of his pro-Brexit hardliners. Polls indicate that his party is the leader and that he could have good prospects if Johnson proclaims an election to see if the deal fails or if the deal is successful. Whatever happens with Brexit, Johnson has a very good chance of remaining prime minister, and that`s what`s important to Johnson.

No one has ever proposed that Stormont have his veto over anything – the British government`s proposals admit that his role would ultimately be advisory. Photo: Eric Luke Boris Johnson compared himself to the Hulk. This is a great indication of British politics. In the end, it was the unionists who lost. The agreement makes some concessions to its position (a veto of the new Rules of Procedure for the Northern Ireland Assembly, if it ever manages to meet again, but not only to the Unionists), but, under technical language, it creates a new barrier between Northern Ireland and the continental United Kingdom. . .


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