If you have any questions, want more details about the agreements available, or if you feel that the agreements mentioned above do not apply to you and that you need an alternative option, please contact the Apple Contracts team at contracts@apple.com. You`ll find service options, including AppleCare, on Apple`s support page. All services requested on site, such as installation, uninstalling, training or routine maintenance, with the exception of warranty and warranty/stop assistance requested by the public authorities, require the implementation of an independent service contract agreed in accordance with nrs 333, NAC 333 and SAM 0300. See PA, 3.d. The Nevada Purchasing Division awarded security and protection contracts on behalf of the WSCA-NASPO, effective November 1, 2013 until October 31, 2017. These services include: This national contract is a (AR) compulsory authorization. Permission is required before you can make purchases or place orders. This sales contract is intended to enable public authorities and political sub-divisions to acquire parts and services as part of an existing standardization program for the building automation system. This may include materials such as equipment, hardware, software, work and spare parts for upgrading existing systems.

THIS AGREEMENT DOES NOT COVER MATERIALS, SERVICES, ETC., FOR NEW CONSTRUCTIONS OR ADDITIONS TO SAFETY/FIRE SYSTEMS. If the total contract amount for each type of contract (general goods and services, professional services or work) is less than $25,000 (including automatic renewal conditions and charges), there is no requirement for competition, but the contract must continue to go through purchase. If the total amount of the contract is greater than or equal to $25,000 but less than $50,000, the department must receive at least two (2) informal proposals for general goods and services or commercial services contracts (three (3) informal contract proposals) and provide the purchase with a written explanation explaining why one supplier was chosen for the other. All authorized government agencies in each state are welcome to use WSCA-NASPO cooperation contracts with the authorization of the State`s Official Chief Procurement. Purchasing services from co-ops, cities, counties, public schools, universities and other eligible institutions. If the total amount of the contract is $50,000 or more and applies to general goods and services, the purchase must produce and publish a formal offer or proposal sealed as part of a formal tendering process. Public authorities K-12, public higher education, community universities and public and local authorities. If this agreement is financed by a lease agreement, it is separated from this endorsement and between the contractor and the participating unit or purchase entity. Eligible users: all governments within the state, including all public authorities, university and community higher education, the judicial system, the Legislative Council Office, cities, counties, universities, political subdivisions (i.e. colleges, school districts, counties, cities, etc.) and other agencies located in the participating state or by state authorities that are authorized by the state`s statutes to use state and entity contracts with the prior authorization of the state`s official.


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