The reason the email was not read was because the return address was “ROBOT.” My diver has been downstairs for 2 months, and I still can`t have an appointment… Worst service I`ve ever had!!!! Don`t waste your time and money!!!! A Sears Home Warranty is a unique protection plan that covers several devices and systems in your home, regardless of the old, brand or where they were purchased.1 Beware, beware of this terrible plan. I bought the Sears Home Warranty Plan for $49.99 a month. I have filed an application and they charge you an additional $75.00 for each claim that is not disclosed when you sign up. Then I filed a claim to repair my washing machine and Sears plus called service technology and sms to confirm that I was at home. Can I update my Sears Protection Agreement to a Sears Home Warranty Plan? If you purchased a home appliance or other items with a Sears Purchase Protect plan, this contract cannot be transferred to a Sears Home warranty. If your device has a warranty or protection agreement, please call us at 1-800-469-4663 I recalled the repair technology and left a message like written and an SMS to sears and the technology I`ve been home all day. I took the work day for the appointment and the technique did not want to come to the appointment and cancels. I was very angry and called Sears back.

They gave me the name and number of a third party, and they didn`t answer the phone, they called me back or they texted me. I`ve been driving and I can`t fix my washing machine. Worst service I`ve ever had in my life. Don`t buy this plan. It`s a scam. Call us at 1-800-252-1698 or look home warranties offer security when it comes to protecting appliances in your home. Sears Home Warranty plans offer more than 20 high-protection devices and systems. To see the comments and features of our home warranty companies, click below to read our guide. .

Tech comes, the parts are damaged, have to rearrange the same approximate time with the previous parts or. The parts arrive, the new technology comes out and discovers that the first technology misdiagnosed the problem, it is not the control card that must order more parts. This time, no comment on the parts, had to call (today 6 days later) to ask what happened, “oh your parts were ordered on 27.5”. Sears Home Warranty is part of the Sears brand, which has been in operation since 1886, offering many benefits that other home warranty companies do not offer. For example, Sears gives you two free preventative maintenance checks on your heating and cooling systems per year. In addition to your warranty benefits, your plan includes membership in Shop Your Way, a promotional program for collecting discounts from Sears, Kmart and other retailers. With this membership, you get free two-day shipping for many items you can buy. . National Coverage (excluding Alaska and Puerto Rico) The National Association of Home Appliance Certified Inspectors and Home Systems Life Expectancy Charts List of many devices and home systems that can last a decade.

The operating time of these expensive items depends on usage and maintenance. Home warranties include repairing and replacing systems such as air conditioning, plumbing, heating, electrical systems and others. As we explain in our Welcome Guide, these guarantees do not replace the owner`s insurance, but protect you from significant unexpected costs. The Sears Home Warranty Caps apply to the repair or replacement of systems, devices or components over $10,000 due to a mechanical failure of a single covered item. The ceiling per device is $1000. The aggregate (limit) for all claims by contract term is $50,000. I like the new multi-appliance warranty I bought. The technician who visited my tumble dryer was very polite and competent.


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