Instead, the entire agreement is executed on the basis of an email exchange and/or an oral agreement. In most cases, it works satisfactorily. However, in the case of their primary residence, inmates still have dependent rights, such as a household that occupies the estate permanently and with a written lease. As a result, most leases are entered into in writing, with the rights and obligations of each party clearly defined. The law recognizes an oral tenancy agreement, but in the event of a dispute, only the bare minimum of clauses is accepted by a court. The rental book or rental note is called Rent Exit. While there is some freedom for landlords and tenants to vary and add clauses, certain clauses are expressly prohibited in a tenancy agreement. A tenancy agreement is commonly referred to as a “bye” deposit. It can also be more formally qualified as a rental agreement. Many expatriates, who rent for a long time in a non-French household, do not make sure that a lease is prepared. The tenant is entitled to a receipt for rent and pre-printed rental books can be purchased at any good bookstore.

In the case of unpaved accommodation, it is illegal for the owner to insist that the tenant cover all costs. There are no rules regarding the distribution of furnished accommodation costs. If professional help or a notator is used, it is common for costs to be shared. The total cost is expected to be around 500 euros. The choice of approach you choose depends on many things – each other`s wishes, your own level of experience and competence, the extent to which you want to include revisions in a standard contract and how much you want to spend! The table below summarizes the main differences in the law between furnished and unfurnished rentals. These include an obligation to pay by permanent order or deduction of their salary, the obligation to cover insurance with the lessor, the prohibition of the taking in tenants or a clause that makes the tenant liable for all defects of the property, regardless of the cause. Subsequently, the landlord`s rights are restricted and it may be more difficult for them to terminate the tenancy due to rent arrears or lack of insurance. There is no legal definition of what a furnished rental is. The case law suggests that only the slightest amount of furniture is required. A bed, table and chairs, refrigerator, stove, closets, toilets and bathroom and water heater seem sufficient to meet legal requirements. Much will depend on the express intention of both parties to determine whether it is a “furnished” or “unfurnished” rental. A prudent owner who wishes to rent a property as “furnished” would be wise to ensure that there is enough furniture in the property to avoid misinterpretations.

For pets, see an article we published in our newsletter at Animals in French Rental Properties. This includes the right to a minimum rent of one year if it is established and three years if it is not established. One of the advantages, if you prepared it by a notary, is that it is easier to do. We do not believe that this is a condominium rental because they are also subject to the co-ownership regulations.


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