6. You can only download/record low-resolution “Watermark” images from this website for evaluation and layout purposes. You should not use watermark images in finished products for distribution in print or electronic form, inside or outside your business, i.e.: You cannot use watermark images to create a presentation to a customer without prior written permission from us. They must not modify or remove visible or invisible electronic watermarks. You cannot broadcast or sublicensing images that we provide or download from this site. For an apprentice, a training contract is required, made available by the CAW. This must be signed by the learning station, the Chief of Staff and a representative of the CAW. You will be a convenient customer, but with an agreement with PDSA If you are moving home, please either contact petcare@pdsa.org.uk or call our team or on 0808 164 5040 we can advise you if there is a veterinary practice in your new area that we can also transfer your membership. 12. If we agree to allow the use of an image to third parties, you must enter into an agreement with that third party to ensure that they are linked to licensing conditions that limit printing, copying, networking, multiple access or any other use of the images solely for personal use, transfer, resale, rental and loan of the image, and guarantee that credits are granted to us and the author.

These conditions exclude all purchase conditions you may have and include all the terms of an agreement between you and us regarding access to citdemo.imediaflow.net and its contents. They will only be varied if we agree in writing. A light box is a place where you can store a selection of assets. You can send a light box to colleagues and/or customers to share the assets you have selected, to convey ideas, themes, concepts, etc. You can also store assets in a light box for your reference or if you want to save them for later purchase. The Lightbox can be displayed in the sidebar and you can remove assets or add them to your cart with icons under any asset. In addition, the active lightbox can be selected from the Pulldown menu. Below, the next toolbar; If you want to terminate your contract after 14 days, you must download and complete a “customer withdrawal form.” Once we have received a retraction form, we retract your contract and calculate the remaining balance based on the number of veterinary benefits and benefits you have already received when the contract expires. The amount of reimbursement or fee is calculated based on the costs associated with each of the different veterinary services and services, and for more details on this cost, see paragraph 12.5 – Pet Care Costs Pet Care Terms – Conditions.


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