This agreement will be reviewed and amended, if necessary: the purpose of the Consumer Services Agreement is to ensure that consumers and Surrogate understand their role and responsibility in the management of the PCA programme and the PCA, FI and Stavros PCM agencies; The development of a pca emergency relief plan; Determine the nature and frequency of consumer qualification and surrogacy (if any) required to successfully manage the PCA program; and verify and amend the service agreement in accordance with MassHealth`s requirements. With respect to the work done in Louisiana: on June 5, 1997, the Louisiana Act passed a law, Law 315, which requires contracts to recite in writing the status of “legal employer” of the contracting parties. The governor signed the law on June 17, 1997 and came into force that day (“law”). THE PCAs (as primary employers under the law) and contractors (as direct employers) agree that their intention is to recognize the PCA as the legal employer of the contractor`s workers under the law, while the contractor`s employees work or provide services to the PCAs in accordance with this agreement. The PCA is a legal employer only within the meaning of the law. 5. WARRANTY AND INSPECTION. The contractor ensures that all work and equipment provided to the plant is of the highest quality, fully compliant with the requirements of the contractual documents and is free of defects for a period of eighteen months from the completion date of the work. If any aspect of this guarantee is breached, the contractor will immediately repair or replace the materials, services or offensive work, or the PCA will pay its costs and the costs of carrying out this repair and exchange. The licensee guarantees replacement equipment and equipment for 18 months after the installation date.

The licensee ensures that none of the equipment or materials to be provided under this agreement contains materials containing asbestos or asbestos or, if these objects contain asbestos, the supplier notifies the PCA in writing of asbestos-containing equipment or equipment. The CPA will then notify the contractor in writing if this equipment or equipment is acceptable. The contractor also guarantees and assures that the work will not directly or indirectly infringe patents, copyrights, trademarks or protected rights. With respect to the work performed in Minnesota, instead of Section 11 above: after any payment due to the contractor under this contract, PCA may require the contractor to execute and waive the contracting person`s pawn rights and to require any subcontractor and materialist who provides work or materials that he completely waives and provides. The exemption must cover all work completed and paid for prior to this waiver. The contractor is required to pay all subcontractors and equipment workers within ten days of receiving the PCA payment. The inability of the holder to make such a payment necessary for uncontested work is imposed on the contractor with an additional fine of 1 1 1/2 per cent per month to any subcontractor or materialist who is not paid on time. The subcontractor enters into a written agreement with each subcontractor that requires, on its terms, that each subcontractor pay each of its subcontractors and equipment within ten days of receiving the payment of PCA to the contractor or that the interest charge of 11.2% per month for the non-payment of an undisputed work be submitted within the expected time frame. The minimum monthly payment for an outstanding balance of $100 or more is $10. For an outstanding balance of less than $100, the actual fine is due. 1. CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTS.

The contractual documents listed in Section 3 of the agreement constitute the entire agreement and replace and replace all agreements, negotiations and prior representations of the parties regarding the work. In the event of a conflict between the contractual documents, they apply in the order in which they are listed in section 3 of the agreement.


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