If your neighbors refuse the Party Wall deal, you should appoint a surveyor, ideally the same for both properties, to reduce costs. The expert will award a Party Wall Award that will determine what work can be done, how it will be performed and when it can be done. You will also assess real estate before and after work and you will have to reimburse any damage caused to your neighbors` property. While this is to make the process quite fair to both parties, it can significantly reduce your project during negotiations. So it`s much better if you can come up with a proposal that satisfies your neighbors. The best way to document the current condition of your home is to have a condition plan made by a surveyor. In accordance with the Party Wall Act, all reasonable expert fees are borne by the party sending the termination. However, do not be discouraged by this notion of right. Our experts have put together this handy guide to help you understand what a party wall is and how to get all the legal permissions you need to start construction.

The easiest step to keeping the following negotiations friendly is to give your neighbors themselves a “head up.” As soon as you start planning — or at least when the first drawings are ready — call them or knock on their door to find a moment, meet and talk about your suggestions. It will set an accessible tone throughout the procedure and a savvy neighbor will tend to be a happy neighbor. Even if you`ve designated a party surveyor for your neighbor, that doesn`t mean access to a fitness plan is possible. In this case, you can see that the surveyors of the party wall must award a “blind” party wall prize. Your neighbors have 14 days to respond in writing to the notification. If they agree, you can continue working immediately. If they don`t respond, you`re considered controversial. Your neighbors have 10 more days to name a surveyor, and if they don`t respond again, you can name a surveyor on their behalf, and then things get a little more complicated and expensive.

Through the Party Wall Act of 1996, any modification of a wall or fence to the boundary of two houses requires the owner of the land to first seek the agreement of his neighbouring neighbour. Neighbors are not required to agree immediately and if they are not satisfied with the plans, they can instead follow the long process of the agreement by an appointed expert. I bought a small piece of land in Powy`s Wales. There is a stone garage on the land which is demolished with full building permit to build a SIP house. A neighbor fully supports the party wall on his side, because it will be an improvement over what he calls a stain, but on the other hand, there is a difficult man who opposes my building and insists that I pay for a party expert who acts on his behalf, which means I also have to use one. He refuses to talk to me and, according to the locals who do not communicate with him, he is known to be difficult and will continue to bother as much as possible. If your neighbor disagrees with the communication, you need to appoint an expert. Ideally, your neighbour agrees with the same surveyor for both properties, which keeps the cost at a low cost and usually costs around £800-900 per surveyor.

You inform your neighbour by writing to him and providing your contact details and complete information about the work to be done, the access requirements and the proposed start date….


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