The first step in the implementation of the project is an agreement between GCF and the accredited implementing body on the legal agreements necessary to circulate the funds called the Funded Activity Agreement (FAA). For more information before the application begins, see Accredited Training. Once you have concluded your agreement on funded activities, you can apply for grants for accredited training, apprenticeship places and internships, as well as non-accredited activities. Use the tool below to see the financing you may be eligible for. Become a contracted supplier and find out which subsidized activities you can apply for. The aid is granted to projects that promote the growth of training and training in the country. The project or program then moves on to the implementation period during which funds are transferred to the accredited body in accordance with agreed criteria, the trust standards and the Fund`s SEA are applied, and an external audit report is submitted. After these stages, the project or programme will be effective and the monitoring and evaluation process will begin and continue until the project or programme is closed and leaves the Fund`s portfolio. For more information and information on requesting an agreement on the activities financed, see Contracting. Registered training organisations (NGOs) can apply for the provision of subsidised accredited qualifications. To apply for the realization of state-subsidized activities, you must apply for and be approved by a funded activity agreement. .

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