These days, a worker and employer have a contract that they sign, so all contractual terms are legally binding for both parties. This contract gives the salary that is given, position in the company, scholarships, and benefits, if any, etc. If the employment contract is for a fixed period or if the worker is on probation, the employment contract expires at the end of the agreed period. If the worker and the employer are satisfied and wish to stick to the existing agreement, they can do so by renewing the workers` employment contract. Check the format of the job extension letter below and try to write it the same way if you need it. You can now download HROne`s free contract renewal letter format in one go and give employees another chance to complete assigned tasks while they are contracted. We write this letter to inform you that due to your exemplary work during the last period of employment with us, we extend your employment contract by 12 months. The terms of the contract are in accordance with the original contract. If things go well and you want to continue the duration of an existing contract, a contract renewal contract will be easy. You don`t need to establish a new contract; With a renewal contract, you can simply change the end date of the original. Once the extension is available, you can continue. Personalize the service agreement by adding your own terms and conditions of sale. The format of the contract delivery letter contains the mandatory instructions for the worker in order to fully understand the situation: when an employment contract ends due to the conclusion of the indicated benefit or the specified duration of the employment and the employer renews that contract, this letter is written to inform the worker.

We have decided to renew your employment contract on the basis of your best performance in the company for the last few years. We expect the same level of commitment and work ethic in your work as in the previous Parliament. It indicates the period of renewal of the employment contract. It is always written by the employer, usually for exemplary employees. It also indicates the reason for granting such an extension. We are pleased to inform you that your employment contract with our company has been extended for an additional 2 years due to your exemplary work during the duration of the previous contract. The terms of the contract are in accordance with the original contract. The contract renewal agreement is an official document announcing the increase in the number of contract days. Staff need to know how much time they have left to complete the contract.

It is important to send this letter to the employee concerned so that there are no legal or other problems regarding the same thing in the future. Create a renewal contract to extend the duration of your existing contract. If you are satisfied with an existing contract about to be concluded, or if you wish to make some changes involving the extension of the termination date, it is often easier to have a renewal contract than to write a brand new contract or an additional contract modification document. Your renewal agreement should include details such as when the renewal agreement came into force; The names and addresses of interested parties and their signatories; The name and date of the original contract The end date of the original contract The end date of this extension; and any changes made to the provisions of the original document (specific to the part that will be changed, added or deleted).


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