Your company negotiation contract (ABE) is one of the most important documents of your professional life. The 37-day industrial campaign led by Bupa members, including the rolling strikes, in 2017, is unprecedented in australia`s elderly care sector. The measures taken by caregivers for the elderly and nurses allowed Bupa to improve its offer of a salary increase of 2.1% and not other changes in a one-year contract to 11.25% over three years, plus additional payment, improved requirements and improved workload management processes. Benefits for workers under the new company agreement include annual wage increases, a new mobility payment, higher overtime rates and night pay, as well as higher parental leave. If you have any questions regarding the VPS agreement, please send an email to (link will leave this page). The ANMF negotiated in 1997 the first Victorian nurses and midwives in the public sector EBA. At the time of the pressure, ANMF was negotiating the seventh EBA in the public sector. The agreement includes about 60,000 nurses and midwives. Their numerical strength and ability to take significant union action, such as closing beds and cancelling elvite operations, means that in two decades they have achieved significant improvements in conditions, wages and workloads. 2016 Bupa Nurses Gather in Front of Bupa Headquarters The Corporate Negotiations Act was one of the main reasons why ANMF members supported CUTA`s “Change the Rules” campaign ahead of the last federal election. In case of authorization, the agreement is subject to the formal approval of the Fair Work Commission. The community and public sector union and the government have come together on a package that aims to reward you for the important work you do, while ensuring that public services can be delivered more responsively.

The Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers negotiate with their New Approaches programme. Read more about The New Approaches on the Fair Work Commission website. There are 250 agreements for Victorian members of the ANMF, who are nurses, midwives and private aides to the elderly. These BAAs, which cover many jobs, usually expire after three or four years. It is an agreement between the employer and the employee that defines your wages, working conditions, career structure, allowances and rights. ASAs operate with the full force of the law. They are legally enforceable and, if they are not followed by employers, the court can impose significant penalties on them.. . . .


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