This is a one-year contract with an early cancellation fee (corresponding to your balance). Membership is automatically renewed after one year. It is the responsibility of a member to file a termination form for membership and/or a termination form for the storage of the boat in order to terminate the membership and/or storage of the boat. The forms are available on our website. If you are storing multiple boats, select all the exact boats. By filling in Make, Model, Color please separate yourself from a comma.. . YOU MUST ALSO ENTER INTO AN ANNUAL AFFILIATION/DISCLAIMER AGREEMENT. *The direct debit option only applies to ANNUAL members. Your annual fees are spread over 12 months. Your monthly payment is deducted from your checking account on the 25th of each month or the next business day if it falls on a weekend.

You must deposit an invalid check or your routing and account number in order for this membership to be processed and started.. . . (z.B. Manufacture: Puakea, Fenn. Model: Kahele, Mako XT. Color: blue, white). . ALL BOAT STORAGE MEMBERSHIPS AND CONTRACTS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PAID FOR OR EXPECTED FOR MORE THAN 90 DAYS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE BOATHOUSE AND WILL BE AUCTIONED OR DONATED TO A JR. PROGRAM. This agreement contains an unblocking and waiver of important legal rights and constitutes a compensation agreement for certain losses. I, the undersigned, acknowledge for myself, my personal representatives, the addressees of the assignment and the heirs, I agree and I represent that:.

. .


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