Shipper Broker or Shipper Carrier Agreement – It is an agreement between a shipper and a transportation provider. The carrier can be either a freight broker or a truck load carrier. It explains in concrete terms who is responsible for what and ensures that everyone is aware of the payment terms and payment procedures. This is a good document that exists in the event of a dispute. These are contracts that every broker and carrier must fulfill. We have them in the form of PDF and MS Word so you can edit them. Independent contractor: The promoter is an independent contractor and pays taxes on the money paid by the broker. All payments above 600.00 without this agreement would require the broker to maintain taxes on payments. Carriers should complete a W-9 and keep a copy electronically to simply send it. Payment: TSeine section has the language that states that the broker will pay the carrier for transporting services. Non-request: In this section, there is information that the forwarder does not retrieve and directly expedite the invitation and shipment with that customer. Since customers, as a broker earns a living no broker wants additional competition from carriers to tow freight for them.

Broker Carrier Agreement – The first step between carriers and brokers working together is the carrier/broker agreement. It is the agreement that will allay some of the concerns. Responsibility, independent contractor, payment to the carrier and non-solicitation. Responsibility: The broker assumes no responsibility for the cargo. That is why institutions are insured. In principle, the freight broker is a travel agency for freight and this brokerage contract expressly stipulates that the carrier is responsible for cargo coverage and liability. Most brokers and their clients need 1,000,000 civil liability and 1,000,000 freight insurance. Brokerage career contract (PDF / Word) | Shipper Carrier Agreement (PDF / Word) | BOL Form (PDF) | Empty W-9 (PDF) contracts make sure everyone is a page and if a problem occurs and when it gets ugly, you`ll be happy to have it up. Also be sure to back up your email and take notes and write schedules when information is exchanged. It can sometimes be a pain, but usually whoever has the highest grades wins the argument.


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