AFICC refers to the Air Force Contracting Centre, a main junior unit that addresses the Air Force and Mission Assistance Centre (AFIMSC). The Quality Assurance Coordinator (QAPC) designates the person selected according to local procedures to coordinate and manage the quality assurance program. Contractual measures are operational to meet the requirements of facility commanders, DRUs, commanders and residents, customers and assisted units. Operational contracting can be achieved through the conclusion of wings, business units, contract services or other organizational entity tailored to local needs. The head of contract activity (HCA) refers to das DAS (C) and (ADAS) (C) for the Air Force. See delegations in mp5301.601 (a) (i). Space Program Solicitation or Contract refers to an SMC space request, contract or application for a research, development, testing and evaluation program or an SMC contract. It does not include operational and maintenance requests, tenders for professional services and public assistance contracts (e.g. B, federally funded research and development centres, advisory and assistance services) or any other transaction (see SMCI 64-101, at para.

1.3). Applicability). Enterprise understands the management requirements of the company and services, research and development (R-D) and the AFSC supply chain. Acquisition Class (ACAT), the category of a defence acquisition program. See DoDI 5000.02, Housing 1. DAS (C) Assistant Secretary (Contracting). The power conferred on the DAS (C) may also be exercised by the Assistant Under-Secretary (Contracting) (ADAS (C)). 1. Includes non-compulsory internal procedures and guidelines, as well as additional information to be used at the contractor`s discretion; The Air Force Program Executive Office for Combat and Mission Support (AFPEO/CM) contracts include acquisitions of services under AFI 63-138. The deputy director or technical director of a CSS may exercise any CSS authority, unless it is limited in the FAR, as it is completed (for example. B, a person authorized to perform a particular authority must have a specified minimum score or rank) or, as the SSE expressly is.

See AFI 64-105 Contingency Contracting Support to identify SCOs for emergency operations. Bridge Action means a non-competitive measure that requires justification, but is not limited to formal justification and authorization (FAR 6.3 or 13.5), a limited source (FAR 8.4) and a fair opportunity exemption (FAR 16.5), current or similar product or services due to delays in trading and a subsequent contract. Renewal of services performed in accordance with FAR 52.217-8, a service renewal option, is not considered a bridge action, whether or not it has been negotiated and entered into the original contract, unless the authorized renewal is exceeded for a total of six (6) months.” Program Executive Officer (PEO)” includes acquisitions within the Systems PEO portfolio. See AFI 63-101/20-101 and DoDI 5000.02. THE SCOs have an equivalent regulatory authority; This does not reduce or remove the position authorization within the organization. “Head of the Contract Office (COCO) ” refers to contract agents at a lower level than the contract framework or its assistants, unless this is expressly prohibited or designated as indicated by the CSS.


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